Time for Nuts!


Macarons à la Noisette & Nutella

5oz of Confection sugar

5oz Hazelnut Flour

5oz +2oz powder Sugar

2oz water

2oz x 2 of White eggs at room temperature

3 Lemon Drops



Combine the hazelnut flour with the confection sugar pass it trough the sift and set aside

Combine the sugar and the water and bring the syrup to boil until reaching 230*F

At the same time whip 2 oz of white eggs, stop half way and add 2oz of sugar. Keep

whipping until reaching a thick texture. Then add to the boiling syrup at low speed to

avoid splashing.

Gently incorporate 2oz of white egg none whipped to the previous mix, then incorporate

the flour (Hazelnut + confection sugar).

Have a tray with a coated pastry sheet, and using a Pastry bag display the macaroons.

Lightly knock the tray so the macaroon spread evenly.

Wait 45 minutes before to bake at 350*F for 12 minutes

Let them cool down before removing from the tray. They are ready to be stuff with the


Bonne appétit

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